Hurricane Ophelia

October 16, 2017

Hey everyone,

Well we are all thankfully safe and sound here in Dingle after the massive media hype we have been getting of this storm over the last week or so. Other parts of Kerry and Munster were effected alot more then us unfortunately and we wont know the full extent of the damage until tomorrow im guessing but as far as i know alot of tree's have blown over along with power cuts ect.. 

I woke up this morning at 6am thinking that it was going to be absolutely wild but much to my surprise it just felt like a normal winters storm really.. I gave it a few hours knowing that it had not fully gone past the Dingle Peninsula before i decided to go for a drive around to see what was going on..

I drove out to Bin Ban for a quick look to see if there was any swell and it was fairly calm.. There was quite a few spectators around also on the same mission as me. I stayed for awhile and then headed to Ventry Pier as i knew a large Southerly Swell would normally come in there but again noting..

I wondered was anything going to happen at all?..

There was alot of reports on the radio and warnings but it seemed like we really missed the full force of it here..

Anyway i decided to keep going and have a look at Coumeenole beach as i knew for sure that was facing dead South and that there would be some waves to photograph..

Well boy was i in luck.. It was insane!! The waves were about 30ft and the wind was offshore.. Perfect!! I would say the wind was about 30 knots max so i felt and was completely safe.. Again there was plenty people around enjoying what Hurricane Ophelia sent us which was plenty of monstrous  waves!! 


I hope that everyone else is safe and well in the rest of Ireland and that it will all pass very soon..


Here are some images of Coumeenole.. Hope you enjoy! 










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