Drone Pictures of the Dingle Peninsula

April 3, 2017


Hello friends! 

So as many of you know i recently purchased a drone and have already captured a few worthy images from around the peninsula and people are getting very excited as am i. Technology has given me the chance to fly and capture images which is truly incredible..


I had been reading up about drones for such a long time and was finding it hard to commit myself to buying one as they are pretty expensive.. After alot of research and my friend Sean telling me i wont regret it as he had one also i took the plunge, and boy am i happy i did!!! 

So now i am happy to have a new adventure ahead of me by exploring everything from the sky!! Im pretty sure that will keep me busy for awhile :) 

So this photo is the very first one i shot with my drone.

Ballintaggart Ogham Stones is a collection of ogham stones forming a National Monument located in County Kerry, Ireland


I had so many ideas of shots i wanted and couldn't wait to get out again and get the bird in the sky!! 

 This shot i got in Coumeenole and i was a bit worried as everyday was almost too windy to get the drone up but i went ahead anyway as the weather was good and it actually handled very well!!   


Next up we have Dunquin Pier!! The color of the water here is stunning and from above seeing all the reefs under water is beautiful..



 Beautiful image of Dunmore Head, Coumeenole looking back at the Blasket Islands! 


This was taken at Kilmalkedar church on a pretty dull and dark day but still such a beautiful cementry and never before shot at this angle.


I have wanted a decent photo of Dunbeg Fort for a very long time and it was never possible unless taken from the sky so was very happy to capture what is left of this stunning fort resting on the cliffs of Slea Head!! 



Breaking wave at Coumeenole Beach.. The color is just awesome!! 


Dingle Lighthouse!!!!!!! 



Caherdorgan Stone Fort 




 Dunsheen, Dingle, Co.Kerry


Winestrand, Co.Kerry


Burnham, Dingle

 View towards Inch from Minard


Minard Castle


 Sunset at Dingle!! 



Not bad for a few days work on a flying machine that ive never used before right??.. :)

I hope you all enjoyed my photos and will stay posted as there will be alot of new stuff coming this summer!!


I am hoping that on the business side of things that alot of projects and work will come my way this year in photography and now in aerial photography/filming as this is taking it to a whole new level!! 


Boom :)


Some video footage! :)






Thanks for reading,looking watching and hopefully enjoying!! 




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