A new beginning

January 15, 2017

Hello everyone,


So this is like my first ever blog.. Yahoo :)

So i guess the best way to start is by first of all thanking everyone of you for the unbelievable support over the years.. The most rewarding part of photography is knowing that people enjoy the photography i share.. Recently i made a big decision in leaving a job i was not happy with and i will concentrate more in trying to achieve my goals in photography.. Its not easy but i will never be happy unless i try..

The most important thing is to have the time to be able to commit to doing what you love.. Obviously in the mean time i will somehow need to keep the bread and butter on the table so i will be needing a few things going on the side too :) 

Anyway.... Lets talk about my recent trip up the Conor Pass since it went viral and all that.. Haha 


So as you all know a few days ago we had a few hours of snow in Dingle and for me especially this is a very exciting time because it really highlights our incredible landscape here..


About an hour or so after the snow started i decided to take a spin up the Conor Pass and do a live feed of the winding narrow roads covered in snow.. Immediately the response was massive and in a very short time the whole country was talking about it.. Madness




So at the end of it all i ended up getting this absolutely incredible photo under the bridge by Peddlers Lake.. 


 Until the next blog my friends i bid you fair well 























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